A French Holiday Home in the Dordogne - attractions

Private Swimming Pool
Grand Claud French Holiday Home
A French Holiday Home in the Dordogne

You are welcome to spend your whole holiday at our property and enjoy the fine views and mess around in the private pool; but there are many attractions in the Dordogne area that are both suitable for adults and children.

Although slightly north of the main Dordogne area, Excideuil is still nicely placed and within easy reach of all the main attractions.

One place worth a visit is Domaine d'Essendieras, where there are two castles, wonderful views, a fabulous restaurant and closed forest trails. If you are interested in golf there is a comparatively new 9-hole golf course with excellent clubhouse and lessons available for individuals and groups, adults or children. This is less than 4km from the property and easy to get to.

We are always interested to hear from our clients about local attractions worth a visit.
If you would like to pass on any information which could be of help then please contact us.

If you want to do some research then try this Family Site, where you can find plenty of information about activities and places to visit.